About Us

JNS Toys & Hobby Supplies is a small family owned and family run business, with Christian values.  JNS Toys started out providing the classic armymen toy soldiers enjoyed by us as children growing up in the midwest.  We would spend hours playing with our plastic armymen, setting up battles and missions to be carried out by our favorite figure or platoon.  Eventually, this lead to interest in tabletop wargaming and the design of our own set of rules.

Because we were on a budget as kids, playing a tabletop wargame with our plastic armymen was cheaper than spending $100's on detailed figures for the various rule sets available at the time.  We decided to spend hours playing with our own set of rules, rather than spending hours painting and basing the typical armies needed for the more advanced tabletop games.

As time went on and we grew older, our interest and ability to play more advance wargames increased.  Now we look to join the best of both worlds by offering reasonably priced products from various game delelopers, along with our own line of plastic armymen and the rule set we designed those many years ago.

With this idea in mind, our personal mission is to provide "Quality Fun for Everyone" to enjoy!