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British 8th Army Infantry

British 8th Army Infantry

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British 8th Army Infantry

The British 8th Army was formed from the Western Desert Force in 1941.  It comprised of men from across the British Commonwealth - British, New Zealanders, Australians, Indians and South Africans. The vast open expanses of the western desert made for a war of manoeuvre and out-manoeuvre, where reconnaissance by scouting patrols were vital to success.

Struggling with oppressive heat, choking dust, and freezing cold nights, the 8th Army soon become popularly known as the 'Desert Rats' - a nickname adopted from the 7th Armoured Division of the Western Desert force.  Through it all, the Desert Rats remained a thorn in the side their German and Italian opponents. 

Box Set Contains:

  • Enough plastic components to make 30 British Commonwealth miniatures with a host of options allowing for different weapon configurations and command models.
  • Equipment included: Lee Enfield rifle, Thompson submachine gun, Bren gun LMG, Boys anti-tank rifle, Webley pistol and a 2-inch mortar.
  • Plastic bases.
  • Construction leaflet.
  • Optional Indian (Sikh, Punjabi and Yusufzai) and Scottish Highlander heads.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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British 8th Army Infantry
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