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German Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank

German Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank

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German Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank

The German Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank was amongst the most feared tanks in the Second World War, causing panic amongst Allied armoured formations at the mere mentioning of the name TIGER! 

The Gemran Tiger was hurried into action on the Russian front as a response to the heavier Soviet tanks that had caught the Wehrmacht unawares. Its massive square body and rounded turret was an intimidating sight to enemy tankers. The armor was tremendously thick and made of quality steel, making it largely invulnerable, at least frontally, to anti-tank fire.

Its packed a potent 88mm gun, a deadly weapon, effective against enemy tanks up to three kilometres and also fired a lethal high explosive shell.

At 52 tons, the Tiger was sluggish but its broad tracks ensured an acceptable cross country performance. Its crews were specially trained as it was an expensive machine to build and maintain. A well trained veteran crew of five men could take on several enemy tanks with a highly reasonable chance of defeating them all, with little danger to the crew or tank.

Tigers were normally formed into separate heavy tank battalions. Their presence was normally enough to tip the balance in any sector and were parcelled out by the high command wherever they were needed most.

Model includes 1 detailed German tank commander

This vehicle can also be used in games of Achtung Panzer!, the game of close-quarters tank-on-tank combat, its rules can be found in the Achtung Panzer! rulebook.

*Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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German Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank
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